1. Each team consists of five players. Substitutes are allowed up to five. A team can have maximum12 players in such tournaments where more than three games are played.

2. The game begins with a jump ball at the centre circle with the two opponents` feet the half circle.

3. The referee tosses the ball upward (vertically) between them to a height greater than the players can reach. The jumpers are allowed two taps at the ball. Penalty for technical foul by a player is two free throws. Penalty for technical foul by a coach or substitute, or a team follower is two free throws and the ball shall be thrown in by any player of free throw shooter`s team from out of bounds at mid court of the side line opposite scorer`s table.

4. A basket is worth two points. If a basket is scored from beyond the 3-point line, then it will be three points and if it is scored from a free throw it is one point.

5. Free throw taker must remain behind the free throw line until the ball hits the ring or the backboard. No other player is allowed to enter the free throw line until the throw has been taken, i.e., the ball has left the free thrower`s hands.

6. Non-offending team may leave its right to free throws if it so desires.

7. All breaches of rules not considered fouls are known as violations. These include running with the ball, kicking or punching the ball, making illegal dribble or causing the ball to go out of court. In case of a violation or a foul, if free throw is not permitted then the ball is given to a member of the non-offending team at the sideline closer to the point at which the violation has occurred. That player must pass the ball into the court within five seconds.

8. Following a basket or a successful second throw, the opposing team puts the ball back into play from any point behind the end line.

9. Each player is numbered on the front and back of his vest. In international competitions only the numbers 4 to 15, both inclusive, are used.

10. The ball may be played only with hands and players are not allowed to carry it more than a single step.

11. Every player must try to avoid personal contact at all times and if such a contact occurs, a "personal foul" is charged against the player responsible.

12. If the player who had been fouled was in the act of shooting for goal, and if the shot proved unsuccessful, that player is awarded two free throws.

13. A "technical foul" is charged for an offence not involving personal contact. This would also result in two free throws.

14. If a player commits five fouls either personal or technical during a match, he is barred from taking part in the game. A substitute may be introduced in place of that player.